I love the idea of a row of books on a shelf, books that look like everyday books, but when taken off the shelf and opened are not ordinary at all....

The Blue Flower

Truly blue flowers are a rarity in nature. Because of this, during Victorian times blue flowers were seen as symbolic of the impossible dream of a perfect love.

When I found this copy of a book called The Blue Flower at a thrift store I felt it would be the perfect vehicle for a celebration of this symbolism, which is personally meaningful to me.

This altered book measures 7.5" X 5" X 1.5". It is constructed with the book spine containing added pages of watercolor, patchwork, old postcards, crocheted edgings, handmade paper, embroidery, dried plant material and beaded bookmark. 


The Blue Flower is dedicated to my husband, Dr. Bruce Stallsmith.

Fanny The Flower Girl

This book was inspired by finding the photograph of serious young girl in an envelope with my family photos. I don't know who she is, but she was perched on the stone wall of the town pound with delphiniums in front of her. There were other photos in the envelope of a garden with many blooms. Thus this little girl became known to me as "The Flower Girl." 


The book consists of the book spine containing added pages of old postcards, crocheted edgings, embroidery, dried plant material, and the photographs of "The Flower Girl" and her garden. The book measures 7.25" X 5" X 1.5".

Textiles: Fourth Edition

This 1960's book was full of outdated information and had seen lots of use. With it's mended spine and falling-out pages, I felt it could use a makeover. It is filled with vintage textiles of all types as well as a mola and cloth from Panama.

Sunshine and Roses was one of my first altered books.