Mixed Media

Assemblage Boxes

My assemblage boxes generally fall into one of several categories. They may be done as an exploration of one particular color or pattern, as a comment about times in my life or things I feel passionate about, or they may be made as reliquaries for people, places, or animals that have passed out of my world. Often the outside of the box is dull and unadorned, but when opened reveal colorful and complex beauty. This is a statement of something I have often observed: that often the most plain or even ugly humans or animals hold beautiful secrets inside of them.

Visual Prayers

I'm not very good at praying. I don't think it's appropriate to give the Powers That Be a laundry list of my desires in hopes that they will be fulfilled. I am, however, good at doing art. The Visual Prayers are my way of putting my dreams and wishes into the Universe, putting my needs or longings into a physical form which can function as a charm, amulet or prayer for intervention. When they have served their needs, I let them loose into the world, hopefully to comfort someone in need or just provide some much-needed beauty.


Comforting Objects

Small objects of art made to provide comfort, to hold or ponder during difficult times.