The following are things that I've done that don't really fit in anywhere else, but...I think you might want to see them!

Visible Mending

There are so many things I do that don't really quite qualify as art, yet there is an art to them. Visible mending is one of those things. I don't believe in fast fashion, I was raised to take care of my clothes and to mend them when they showed signs of wear. I don't see any reason why those mends can't be little works of art, improving an item rather than just fixing it. Why patch your jeans in a boring way when you can add a block-printed and embroidered little lady?

Below are some examples of my visible mending work.

Tile Work

Every once in awhile I get the urge to do some mosaic tile work. Eventually I hope to do most of the floors in our house. I've also done our front steps. Included in these mosaics are Mexican tiles, rocks from New England, Europe and Panama, assorted vintage tiles, horseshoes, test tiles I made as a pottery designer years ago, slate roof tiles from a building my dad owned, and ammonites to protect against lightening.